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Ethics for Youths
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Panathlon international becomes member of EPAS
Signed the collaboration agreement between P.I. and COL Football Blind B1-2013
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News - Ethics for Youths

30/07/2013 - Ethics for Youths 

Panathlon International has constituted the Observatory on ethics in youth sport.


In an epoch in which from more parts and in all sectors of human activities we invoke the recovery of their ethics, sport that in its deep meaning “establishes an original and fundamental ethics” it is in the frontline to bring back person’s values to the centre of attention. For this reason the Clubs joint in the XVI International Congress held in Antwerp in November 2007, coinciding  with the renewal of the statute of the association, applied themselves to actuate an attentive examination of what happens in the exercise of the youth sport practice in their countries and territories. 

Panathlon Declaration on ethics in youth sport.

It has been offered  to the international sport world in Ghent in September 2004, fruit of the work of research of two Universities. It represents the engagement for Panathlon and for all sport operators and institutions of each level that subscribe it, in order that rights and protection of youth are guaranteed in their activity. The document has found important adhesions by International Sport Federations and organisations in different fields, from school to Universities and public administrations.  

The implementation of the Declaration.

When Panathlon has introduced to itself and to others the problem to give solidness to the principles mentioned in the Declaration, has found the support of institutions as IOC and AGFIS. An international conference was organized and  held in Ghent in November 2008 too. In the three days of work the sport Federations that were present and the representatives of the National Olympic Committees studied the ways to implement that Declaration. The result was a formal engagement of the participants to discuss in their own federations and committees the proposed “plans of integrity”. They are adaptable to all components of organized and agonistic sport, but not only, and they start from the principle that each actor, in front of ethic dilemmas that sport often presents, must be able to choose without any doubt, putting at the centre of the interest the need to empathize, in each case, positive values. 

The observatory as mean of knowledge and promotion of positive values.

It is based on the capillary work on territory by its Clubs, asked to supervise the nearest sport realities, to bring to light the “good practices” that in many cases exist but are not known (territorial level). It is based also on an attentive analysis of the most advanced studies and researchers in university fields, to address and support the choices in the managing and sport practice (academic level). Even the collection and the comparison among laws and norms of the different regions and countries, even considering the different socio-economic needs and conditions, can be useful to highlight some paths and aspects of the project of improvement of sport as formative mean of the character and of the civil conscience of sportsmen, with relapses on the field of legality, of respective comprehension, democracy and peace. The result will have to be a repertory that Panathlon International gives to its clubs, Areas and Districts to help them to approach institutions and especially school, sports societies and in general their own communities. All parts of P.I. will have to collaborate starting form the single members of clubs to the International summits of the Association and all this will be again a tangible sign of the service spirit that animates Panathletes.




International Forum "Charter of Duties of Parents in Sport" Reggio Emilia April 8, 2017
XII Pan-American Congress 26 – 28 October 2017

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