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 Cultural Commission
Antonio Spallino Honorary President for life
History and Purposes

Cultural Commission - History and Purposes

16/06/2012 - History and Purposes 

And so the first Cultural Commission was formed as follows:

Presidente Prof. Sisto Favre

On. Vittorio Catella
Dott. Raymond Gafner
Avv. Franco Marzo
Dott. Alfonso Vigorita
Amm. Fulvio Bartelletti.

On 27th December 1995 the former president Jean Presset (Panathlon Club Lausanne – Xth District - CH) evaluated, the situation of the twelve years of his engagement at the direction of the Commission.

The positive considerations were related to: - the approval of the "Panathlete Charter",,“Charter for sporting rights of the young", “Fair Play Charter”,; the clear enunciation of the purposes of the movement, in the Statute of Panathlon International; - the exemplary organisation and the perfect success of the X Congress of Avignon (1995); - the active and incisive participation for the diffusion of Fair Play; - the perfect understanding between the Commission and the Review and the remarkable enrichment and thematic and graphical coordination of its numbers; - the proper constitution of the "Communication and Image Commission ", interface of the Cultural Commission.

The perplexities pertained to the level of understanding of the messages in the whole movement.
A) the concentration and the quickness of the elaboration of the proposals, through a restricted Central Commission of international level and able to represent all interested thematic areas, having the task to:

Deepen the cultural thematics of general interest;

elaborate and manage to elaborate the study, the projects and the proposals to submit to the Central Board;

working together for the cultural organization of the Congresses of Panathlon International;

working together for the fulfillment of the cultural function of the Review and Booklets;

the investment, the promotion and the district and interdistrict cultural growing of each area of Panathlon International, through the constitution of a "net " on an interregional level (in a socio-cultural meaning) of expert who are co-responsible of the whole cultural politics of Panathlon International, having the task of:

draw up studies, proposals and specific regional projects (as above specified);

elaborate and transmit to the restricted Commission, studies and proposals of general interest;

collaborate with the restricted Commission for the informative and promotional transfer of proposals of the same commission on the territory;

support and encourage the cultural activities and initiatives of Clubs and Districts.

With resolution n. 63/05/CP of 14th December 2005 the Commission has been reconfirmed by the President's Committee.

During the meeting of the members of the new Cultural Commission, which took place in Milan on Saturday 11th February 2006, on proposal of Aldo Aledda was decided to change the name of it with "Cultural and Sicentific Commission" to meet the real function of the commission. it will give it a clear and international visibility; it will spur and motivate the commisaries, the members of the future groups of work and also of the experts invited during congresses and meetings; it wil give prestigious to reigonal districts and to clubs too (for example the recent experience of the clubs that worked on the two themes of the XV Congress before and after the realisation of it)

with resolution 22/06/CC of the Central Board of 25 and 26 march 2006, has been recognized the name of Cultural and scientific Commission more international and scinetific.

the acts of the XV Congress (Parma) has been published by Franco Angeli's Edition. Two volumes in english and italian. All this gives more structure to those which were P.I. Booklets, obtaining also to appear in the catalogues of an international publishing house.

the success of the work of the new Commission, with the participation of the Prof. Yves Vanden Aweele, to prepare the XVI Congress(Antwerp) and of its President and Honorary Memeber of P.I. Mr. Antonio Spallino, arrives with the realization of a congress organized in a very short time, which has been judged by all participants of a great cultural impact. Read the communications published in the list "Activity" iin this section of the web site).


with resolution n.03/08/CI, the new elected International Board has appointed Honorary President of the Commission Mr. Antonio Spallino, Honorary member of Panathlon International since 2004 and former International President (1988-1996).
President of the Cultural and Scientific Commission has been appointed Mr. Maurizio Monego, former 1st International Vice President for the period 2004-2008.



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